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Case 9: Disc bulge (Herniated disc)


late 30




house wife

Symptom(s) & the cause

pain in right shoulder, starts 2 days ago during shoulder press exercise at weight training gym.


flex, extend low back significantly limited range of motion with great pain, movement quality is poor, hyperlordosis.

Treatment received

1st treatment loosening all tight muscle groups especially around gluteus area (gluteus max, med& mini), also her pelvis was quite uneven and twisted, so adjusted the unlevelled pelvis into the even level. Retest revealed the big improvement that is the clear indication of her prolong improvement.

2nd treatment (5days later) she could do a lot of things that she couldn't do. 6 days later after the 1st treatment, she starts feeling tight around the lower back area. Same kind of treatment has been done. Significant improvement in movement as pictures below, less pain, sciatica disappeared.

3rd treatment (11 days later from 2nd treatment) 5 days ago, she had a long drive (4 hours) then felt bit of tightness in lower back. Same kind of treatment has been done, no pain at all. She no longer needs further treatment as progress going on.


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