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  • What do we wear at your session?
    We will do cloth-on massage. So please wear loose, comfortable clothes such as truck pants, not skirts or tight jeans.
  • Can I use EFTPOS?
    Yes. Visa and Master cards are also welcome.
  • Is the treatment painful?
    Sometimes it can be painful.Especially during deep tissue work, I might need to do deep and strong pressure to stretch the shortening muscle for your long-term benefit. But I always make sure that the amount of the pain is within your tolerance and care your feeling the most. So all the time you are the priority and I will not do anything that hurting your wellbeing.
  • What do I prepare before session?
    In clinic treatment normally you don't need to prepare anything special. But that would be more effective if you take a bath/shower before coming in, as it soften your tight muscle and aids you more relax state. Also bring your Health fund card for health fund rebate if you have one.
  • Tell me about the therapist
    Shoji is a qualified remedial massage therapist, graduated Meadowbank TAFE in 2007 with full passion of massage power, aiming to making all people around him smile and happy! Please refer to this page About therapist.
  • Are there any situation that I cannot have massage?
    Unfortunately yes. Since your health and safety is the most important issue, there are some situation that you should not receive massage as, massage can worsen your condition, such as fever, skin ailment, drunk, open wound, uncontrollable heart/kidney/circulatory disease, unstable pregnancy, etc.
  • I would like to know about the price, please.
    Please refer to this page, Price List.
  • Can you tell me about "HICAPS"? What does it do?
    Sure, HICAP stands for Health industry claim and payment service. And its function is ; you swipe your private health card into the system, then it calculates how much the company covers the cost of the treatment and shows the gap that you are payable for straightway. So you don't have to go to their branch and claim. You can save your time a lot! Also it has EFTPOS function. So you can use the debit/credit card, as you usually do at shopping center.
  • Do you have parking space?
    Yes, right next to the clinic. You only need to walk less than 10m to get in the venue! Or street parking is available. No time limit!
  • Can I book on the day of massage?
    Since I need quite a bit of preparation for clients to comfort greatly, we only accept pre-booking clients. So please call me or email me beforehand.
  • Can my partner and I receive massage together?
    Since a therapist is working only by himself, you and your partner cannot receive treatment simultaneously. However you two can certainly have session individually.
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