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Your first session

We are quite different from "normal" massage clinic, so let me explain how we treat you.

For who?

We specialize chronic physical condition, such as:

  • lower back pain

  • shoulder tightness

  • med-back pain

  • sciatic problem

  • neck pain (whiplash injury)

  • hip joint pain

  • knee pain

  • tennis elbow

  • shoulder pain

  • frozen shoulder

  • golf elbow

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Achilles tendinitis

  • poor posture

you are in the right place!

But if you are looking for:

  • beauty salon

  • only relaxation

  • oil massage

you are in the wrong place.

What to prepare

Bring a private health card if you have one, as you may be able to claim the rebate for remedial treatment on the spot. Otherwise you just need to bring yourself in after appointment is made.


What to wear

Wear loose and stretchy clothes, such as training wear, leggings, Yoga pants etc, not tight jeans or skirt please! as we will do treatment with the clothes on and may need to do stretching maneuver to each joints. 

Once you are in clinic

Usually a session takes about 40 minutes. Initial consultation takes extra 10 minutes.

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 Filling up the client's file

All information that we have obtained will be treated absolutely confidentially.



Counseling time

We will take your age, past/present injury, muscle mass, medical history, medication, allergy, occupation, etc into consideration for the session.



Assessment first

Before going to the hands-on treatment, we will quickly check your posture, joints movement and whole muscle condition, which takes about 5 minutes. This test will tell a lot of precious informations about your physical character, which will aid the therapist to build up the therapy plan for the day.



Treatment starts

We do not use oil for our treatment, as we believe "grip is always better than slip" especially for tight muscle groups.



Hands-on treatment is over.

In normal massage parlor this ends the treatment, but in Shoji Massage Clinic, we'll give you feedback that I find through the treatment and some advises that you may want to do at home for you to improve your condition. It is usually everyday-home-work. This includes stretching, strengthening exercise, and posture advise.



next therapy plan, payment, say good-bye

After everything done above, we will talk about the therapy plan ahead, so that your well-being will be restored with optimized speed.

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