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Case 2: Arm numbness and other problems


early 40




developing manager

Symptom(s) & the cause

pins & needles in both arms, left shoulder pain, tight neck and lower back, couldn’t sleep at night due to discomfort in arms.


left leg longer than right by 1.5cm, bilateral quads extremely tight, forearm flexor tight, tender point present in left palm.

Treatment received

1st treatment

loosening all tight muscle group in arms, including problematic brachioplexus, passive range of motion, he feels “my arms are warm and light”. Tingling sensation has gone away.

With combination of a trigger point therapy and a stretching, left shoulder movement has retained. The pain in left shoulder has gone.

After basic technique, retest has revealed he has improved flexibility in lower back, moves a lot smoother. First 2 hours session is over with some “homework”.

2nd treatment (7 days later)

the condition has a lot better. Told me he could lift 80 kg object “very light” at work after the 1st session. The arm numbness almost disappears. Right arm feels bit heavier than left. Continue following session. Generally muscle condition is lot healthier and softer.


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