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Case 1: Sciatic pain and lower back tightness


mid 50




retired, used to be a film engineer

Symptom(s) & the cause

pain in lower back and severe sciatic pain to left leg. Undecided to go either chiropractic or massage. Chose to come to our clinic as it is close to his house and reasonable price.


straight leg raise test positive with left leg, causes severe sciatic pain (around posterior knee and anterior toes) all the time and great discomfort all over the leg. Left leg longer than right by 1 cm. unable to move the leg without numbness and pain.

Treatment received

1st treatment

concentrating loosing tension the unbalanced tight muscle group around hip, adjusting the angle of hip joint, stretching the shortening muscle groups. Finishing with some homework he should do at home every day.

2nd treatment (5 days later)

the condition has greatly improved, sciatic problem has gone completely, but still tightness is in around lower back area. No pain whatsoever.

3rd treatment (2 weeks later)

no sciatic pain, no pain, just little bit tired calves from long walk. Following treatment session has ended here.

4th treatment (after 9month)felt a bit of sciatic feeling. had a 1 hour treatment. completely dissapear after that. No need to come back for a while.


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