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Case 6: Spondilolithesis


mid 30




train guard

Symptom(s) & the cause

discomfort on lower back, diagnosed spondilolithesis (slipped one vertebral foward) between L3&4 three years ago by GP, saw a number of physio, but did not really improve the condition.


right sciatic pain present all the time when sitting down on a chair while interviewing, increases with Kemp testing towards right big toe, great discomfort, relatively Ok with range of motion of lower back. Apperered with CT scan, which shows a mild spondilolithesis. found that pelvic is unlevel and twisted, leg length different (pictures below), muscles between right and left, front and back, upper body and lower body, all unbalanced.

Treatment received

1st treatment

Tone all muscle inbalance and manipulate shortening muscles. Some muscles are extremely tight probably because of overused and a compensation of the injury.

During the treatment, he started feeling "more blood flow to the area". which hasn't happened for more that 2 years.

After 90 minutes, sciatic prblem cannot be felt at all and feels a lot better. The leg length is OK as the photo shown below.

treatment continues


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