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Case 8: Shoulder pain


late 30




oil ship officer

Symptom(s) & the cause

pain in right shoulder, starts 2 days ago during shoulder press exercise at weight training gym.


pain on anterior aspect of deltoid with right shoulder flex at 90 degree. the active range of motion ok, could not abduct without pain in the region.

Treatment received

bilateral pectoralis obviously too tight, due to lack of stretching, deep grinding and passive range of motion technique on pec, loose all relevant muscles, such as biceps, deltoid, triceps, arm flexor/extensor as the range of motion is poor, especially arm flexor.

retest reveals that pain has decreased to 4 from 10.

adjust the pelvic level

the pain has decreased to 1

abdominal muscle release technique applied

the pain has decreased to "0.5"

finish treatment within 45 min. At the end of session, he claimed "didn't expect this much improvement!"

2 days later, he emailed me, told "My shoulder has no pain at all and I have full range of movement".


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