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Case 7: Severe knee pain


mid 40




farm land owner

Symptom(s) & the cause

He has been suffering a great pain in left knee for more than 2 weeks. Because he's been building a farm fence for his land intensively. Tried another soft tissue treatment, GP, and trigger point therapy, but not much improvement seen. Couldn't work without pain. had a number of anti-inflammatory beforehand.


Obviously the left knee is swollen due to overuse and the range of motion is very limited as the picture below. Great pain of 10 out of 10 in pain scale, even though he has taken a strong pain killer that morning. Could barely walk without limping and pain.

Treatment received

1st treatment

treatment reveals that his muscles surrounding the knee, such as hamstrings, anterior tibialis, quads, adductors, poplitius,are all extremely tight, so I've loosen all those with trigger point and stretching and increased the range of motion of the ankle, retain and improve the range of motion for the knee by using passive range of motion techniques.

After those techniques done, the pain goes down to 2, still inflammation is active. Icing and resting at home are recommended. 2nd visit (3 days after the 1st treatment)

pain is a lot less, the range of motion has improved greatly, but still not perfect. Same techniques are applied. The results are below.

He was running back home (Literally!) on the way back:P, saying "you've changed my life!" 3rd visit (5 days later)

pain, the range of motion, discomfort and movability has greatly improved. Still little bit of pain when walk and straighten knee. After an hour treatment, everything going well:)

There is no more treatment required for his knee.


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