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Case 10: Achilles tendinitis


mid 40





Symptom(s) & the cause

pain in both Achilles tendons area for one and half year, aggravates when standing and after work, morning stiffness is significantly painful, saw physio, acupuncture which didn’t ease. Frustrated and stressed by not being able to move.


PO (posture observation) suggests hyperlordosis in lower back, hypertension in bilateral knee, Left ankle limited range of motion and hypermobility to inversion due to the old injury.

Treatment received

1st treatment loose whole tight muscles, including glute max, med, and mini, hamstring, calves, anterior tibialis, increase the range of motion of bilateral ankles, stretching calves.

2nd treatment (8days later) moves a lot better and able to move more distance without suffering as much as used to. Low back feels lighter.

3rd treatment (8days later) generally feels a lot better, but still feel tight around calves especially after long walk. 4 treatment (2weeks later) pain in bilateral heels after dancing (!) all night 2 days ago, delighted to see the improvement, can do lots of things that she could never do before, such as standing up from long time position smoothly, wearing socks without suffering and dancing:)

Below are the pictures before and after the 4th treatment.

As you can see on the left picture, the angle of the heel bone, Achilles tendon and calf muscles is unnaturally and unhealthily tight (yellow line) and so is the angle of the instep (red line), whereas the second photo on the right, they are obviously improved into better position, meaning that muscles surrounding are in healthier tone, enhancing the recovery process smoothly.


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