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Area: Wamberal

Most massage services offer relaxation or sports massage focusing on massaging out or kneading the muscles or area in which the problem resides. 

Shoji focuses on fixing the problem by correcting muscle imbalances, tightness and poor posture. He works on stretching and working out muscle issues in a unique way - which works.

I had been suffering from bicep tendinitis/ bursitis for almost 18 months. I was unable to train, exercise upper body and do general day to day manual jobs without pain in my shoulders.

I have seen numerous doctors, shoulder injections, four physios and a surgeon. My last option was looking at shoulder surgery to be able to get back into training.

I had seen Shoji before for lower back pain and neck twinge, just general day to day problems. I remembered how he fixed those problems in one or two treatments.

When he started fixing my tendinitis issue I felt better straight away. He identified posture issues and muscle tightness/imbalance which was the cause of the problem. 

Three treatments down and I doubt I will need surgery now. 

He gave me general stretching homework and muscles to work.

I can't fault his service and I have recommended many friends/family his services.

Please don't hesitate to see Shoji. He will help you, most likely fix your issue and do it all with a smile.


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