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Diana and Daniel

Two years ago, we realised that it would not be possible to have another child.

Even though we desperately wanted to, we knew that my back would not cope, and we dreaded seeing me back in a wheelchair.

We put our dream for another baby aside, very grateful for our two older children, and hoped that day to day I could manage to care for them as best I could.

Then we met you, Shoji Sensei, and you changed the course of our lives forever.

My quality of living improved significantly and I no longer woke up wondering if I could walk from day to day.

Within months of starting your treatment, we actually dared to dream again of having another baby.

Two years on, our dream came true.

We have been blessed with our baby girl, Kaiya, and our family is now complete.

Without you Shoji Sensei, our lives could not have gone down this path.

You gave me strength, mobility and hope, and for this we will be eternally grateful.


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