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Andrew Booth

Area: Kulnura

Shoji gets faster improvements that last and does so with less pain.

Most sports and remedial massagers focus on the pain and knotted areas only. Shoji’s combined methods are thorough and more wholistic.

Over a series of sessions Shoji has not only made a thorough investigation, rapidly advancing the muscle relaxation, blood flow, range of motion and providing me the self-help tasks I should do. Shoji has done these in an optimized progressive fashion. His ability to read peoples bodies relating to the integrated effects all movements and range of movements have on each other and their subsequent effects.

Shoji’s massage therapy is outstanding in the sports and remedial therapy industry. He stands out from his peers.

I have done a lot of things over the years, pushing myself to the limit, including breaking bones many times. Things that required sports or remedial therapy including massage, chiro, physio, orthopaedic, acupuncture, and more.

I have seen over 60 therapists.

Shoji gets faster, lasting results with less pain than anything I have seen.

Shoji provides a holistically optimised process of identification, remediation and repair over limited sessions considering the massage, movement and empowering you with the right amount of education and appropriate self-help actions and exercises.

In 8 days I went from barely being able to walk with pain and swelling in several parts of my knee, only being able to bend my knee one quarter and barely able to lift my leg without using my hands. Also with pain in my quad, calf and hamstring.

At the end of 8 days and in only 3 sessions I have full range of motion back, no swelling and no limping!

Thank you Shoji.


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