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Area: Kanwal / Occupation: Nurse

I have been to many health professionals prior, who gave me medication, physio, even specialists who said I would eventually need surgery.

I discovered Shoji's Massage Service and from the start knew I had found the right person to help with my injury. I had suffered for over 2yrs with Achilles Tendinitis and was in alot of pain and was suffering.

After the first visit I felt a great difference.

The progression of healing continued after the second and third visit, now after a month of visits I can say I am just about back to my old self, my mobility has greatly improved which has helped me in my day to day life including my work as a nurse. I am truly grateful to Shoji as I thought I would never be rid of the extreme pain.

I have also taken my son who has flat feet as I have also seen many other professional about his condition only to be given a band aid solution. My son says he feels a lot better and has the feeling of being light after his two sessions.

Shoji is a beautiful man who is gentle and kinds towards my son which makes him feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time, he explained to both of us what our conditions were doing to our whole body and explains what he will be doing to improve our mobility including homework to keep us improving which is not difficult.

You need to give Shoji a chance to show how he can change your life.



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