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Area: Narara

Earlier this year, my hairdresser noticed that I had got quite stiff shoulders and told me,“You’ve got knots. Don’t you have headaches?” I had forgotten this conversation totally.

However, recently I had pain in my shoulders and neck, and a dull headache. This had continued for three weeks or so. I could not bear it any longer and remembered Shoji who was introduced to me by my friends.

I visited his clinic though I never had a massage in my life until that day. Therefore I did not know what qualifications or what to expect from this massage.

After having had his massage, my body felt so light and my neck was free from pain! A few days after the massage the headache had gone.

Shoji listened to my complaint carefully and after assessing my needs he did suitable remedial massage on my body.

If you have not tried a massage before, try it now. It makes you feel so good and it makes your life more bearable, comfortable, and even happier and I thoroughly recommend Shoji and his massage.


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