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Area: Waranobbi / Occupation: Teachers aide

I have had a painful lower back for years due to poor posture & I have seen numerous chiropractors, osteopaths & massages to relieve the pain.

Although initially I have felt some relief, the pain has always come back after a few days following treatment.

After seeing Shoji & receiving massages & advice on how to improve my posture, something no one else I have seen has advised me to do, I am finally feeling relief & my posture has improved.

I believe that with the exercises & stretching he has advised me to do, this is not a temporary fix.

I also believe that because Shoji has experienced back pain himself he can empathize & is truly there to help with long term results.

His advice for long term results is invaluable. Clinic is very comfortable setting. And the price is very affordable.

Thank you Shoji!


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