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If you are suffering from
lower back pain
shoulder tightness

joint pain
neck pain
sciatic problem
sports injury
and other chronic problem,
but not sure where to go?
you are in the right place!!

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Testimonial Diana
"The best condition in 25 years""We haven't thought we can have another baby last year"The testimonial at Balance and Posture ~Sydney Clinic~

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Testimonial from Jeni
Specialist for the chronic problem in Central Coast,
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Balance and Posture ~Shoji Massage Clinic~ Testimonial @Shoji Massage Clinic
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<Balance & Posture > are the key elements that we care!
Do you just want to feel good only during the treatment & problem always comes back later?
Do you want to find the cause and fix your problem permanently?
Our specialty is fixing your musculoskeletal problem fundamentally and permanently.
We are
-not conventional “quick massage”
-not low-quality “shopping centre massage”
-not “relaxation place”
-not “beauty salon”

a specialist of fixing the physical problem,
such as
 lower back pain,
shoulder tightness,
neck pain,
joints pain,
sports injury,
and other chronic problems.
<Looking for "professional"?>
You might have seen a lot of professional treatments to look for the "permanent cure", not "temporally relieve".
I have too.
I've been looking for the greatest of the great treatments for long time, ~nearly 20 years.

Finally I found the ultimate answer that persuades me perfectly.

And that works the best.

That is the “holistic (sometimes spelled wholistic) approach”. 
<What is the "holistic approach"?>
That is: I treat your whole body as a big picture as one integrity, not bits and pieces.
So if, for example, you have a shoulder tightness, we will treat not do massage only your shoulder, but your whole body.
If you have a herniated disc in lower back, I  may not even touch the lower back area, but massage in other parts thoroughly.
You might think the painful area is the problematic area and it needs to be  rubbed.
I don't think that way.
<The place of the pain is rarely the place of the problem.>

That is why we are approaching the cause directly to fix your long-term problem fundamentally.

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