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Case 12: Gardener's arm numbness


almost 80




retired, loves being active &gardening

Symptom(s) & the cause

right arm numbness for "long time that I can nnot remember", right shoulder pain.


Active range of motion test, abduction great pain in right shoulder, flex great pain in anterior aspect of deltoid area with limited range of motion (pictured below), numbness increases into right no.4 &5 phalangeas with all movement. the quality of movements is poor and not smooth, could not perform any shoulder movement without pain.

Treatment received

adjust leg length and pelvis level, work on glutes area, the numbness goes down from 10 to 4. (note: I did not touch the right shoulder region at all), the range of motion has increased.

Then work on right arm, releasing all tight muscle group, numbness has gone to 0.

retest reveals no pain at all with all movements, (pictured below), no numbness, the quality of movements has retained as optimised.

only one treatment (60 minutes) required.


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