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Testimonial 5

"Hi Shoji,

I just wanted to say how happy I am to have met you today. I woke up this morning with back pain as usual and after seeing you I can honestly say I feel amazingly good.

No pain at all this afternoon which is very strange for me.

I am walking around with a completely different posture and can't believe how something so easy and simple can make such a difference to how I feel.

Thank you so much for your very kind approach and your amazing hands! 

I feel brand new! :)"

(B.S, Greenpoint)

Balance and Posture ~Shoji Massage Clinic~ Testimonial with Mobile massage

Balance and Posture ~Shoji Massage Clinic~ Clients voice with severe back painSee more detail

Balance & Posture ~Shoji Massage Clinic~ Testimonial. 35 years of lower back pain

Testimonial from our loyal client who had had a lower back/hip joint pain for more than 35 years. And this is what she says about us after having our

"I have had my first hour session offered to be me with a gift voucher and I must say, I could not have been given a better present.

Shoji has an obvious passion for his work, taking it seriously on all levels.

He was very attentive to my needs even though I was not entirely sure what I was looking for.

I left feeling very relaxed and keen to return for another session." 

 (Vince, Koolewong)

"I've had chronic pain and restriction in my neck, shoulders, arms and hips for many years and, now all these conditions have improved significantly

after only three treatments.

I recommend this treatment to anyone wishing to improve their health and well-being."

(R.S, Retired, Point Clare)

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