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Testimonial 3

"I thought it would be difficult to find a massage therapist with the level of expertise & at a reasonable price as Shoji and it is.

Shoji is a very knowledgeable therapist, knows muscles + true mechanics of the body.

I loved that he analysed my posture before the massage, told me where I had problems and gave me exercise afterwards.

The massage was both relaxing & worked on tight spots, which is very hard for me to find in a massage therapy.

The clinic room was tranquil & clean. I very much look forward to returning.

Thank you!"

(Kassi Korolija, Social worker, Tumbi Umbi)

"I've had many different treatments in the past such as shiatsu massage, reflexology, acupuncture etc., in Japan, UK and Sydney.

They were good but Shoji-san's massage is different.

It's more than just a "feel good massage", it's really a "treatment".

It solves the pain and the cause of the pain.

I like that Shoji-San explains what causes the problem and why he does this treatment.

I strongly recommend anybody who is considering having a massage.

Call Shoji-San today!"

(MT, Language tutor, Wollstonecraft)

"Shoji not only provides you excellent care at the clinic, but also gives you advices and stretches you can add to your daily routine for ongoing improvements beyond the clinic.

After the massage, improvement in my sore lower back was very obvious!

The massage was very relaxing, with Shoji always caring for my comfort.

I will recommend Shoji Massage Clinic to anyone! You will be satisfied after every visit!"

(M.T, Student, Terrigal)

"Shoji really does focus in those tired sore muscles with unbelievable techniques!

Before I had a massage with him, we talked about where I was sore and how much I was needing a relief.

Shoji did a great job!

If you are needing a good massage don’t think twice about having it with Shoji.

I’ve been in many others places and he’s the best!"

(Monique Troccoli, Food and Beverage Team Leader, Point clare)

"I have had a painful lower back for years due to poor posture & I have seen numerous chiropractors, osteopaths & massages to relieve the pain.

Although initially I have felt some relief, the pain has always come back after a few days following treatment.

After seeing Shoji & receiving massages & advice on how to improve my posture, something no one else I have seen has advised me to do, I am finally feeling relief & my posture has improved.

I believe that with the exercises & stretching he has advised me to do, this is not a temporary fix.

I also believe that because Shoji has experienced back pain himself he can empathize & is truly there to help with long term results.

His advice for long term results is invaluable. Clinic is very comfortable setting. And the price is very affordable.

Thank you Shoji!"

(C.P, Teachers aide, Waranobbi)

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