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Case 5: Knee pain


early 40





Symptom(s) & the cause

right knee pain, aggrevates when going down stairs rather than going up. Pain presents even side sleeping position.


positive with squatting test at 90 degree on anterior/inferior side of the right patella.

Right leg shorter than left by 2cm as picture shown below.

Right pelvic laterally open, suggesting that right leg is facing outwards, even though lower leg faces front. Twisted knee might be happening when walk, that can eventually lead gonarthrosis.

Treatment received

1st treatment

loosening tight muscle groups around the knee, including gastroc nemius, soleus, anterior tibialis, quadriceps. Passive range of motion of right ankle as the movement is limited and unsmooth.

Retest shows almost no pain. Given her homework, 60 minutes 1st treatment is over.

2nd treatment (2 weeks later)

after the 1st treatment the pain has gone away but start coming back slightly 2 days ago. Concentrate on more pelvic adjustment technique, response well as she does regular stretching and exercise.

Retest suggests that still pain present.

Move to work around the local area. Loosening the surrounding muscles and stretching work.

Retest shows pain has gone from 10 to 0. Leg length photo after the treatment below.

Left for home with lots of homeworks.

treatment still continue


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