Shoji Massage Clinic - Our Treatment Method
Shoji Massage Clinic - Remedial, Sports, Relaxation Massage In Gosford
Our Original Remedial Method
Our treatment method is quite unique, which involves the use of advanced hands-on techniques such as

-Remedial Massage
-TP(trigger point) technique,
-MET(muscle energy technique),
-MFR(myofacial release) technique,
-Japanese osteopathy technique (called KY technique)
-and deep tissue technique
to achieve your desired goal. 
The Benefits of our treatment 
  • Reducing Muscular Pain (lower back pain ,tight shoulder, sciatic problem, frozen shoulder, pins and needles in your hands or feet, tennis elbow, golf elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome,  etc)
  • Transform your posture
  • Toning the muscles
  • Increasing Range of Motion
  • Reducing Nerve Impingement.
  • Improving the Immune System
  • Lowering Blood Pressure and Anxiety  
Private health funds claim is available for this treatment, covered with most major company.
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